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Next Great Minds Campaign

Purchase a Career Pathway Tile today and help Explora build X Studio—a new STEAM workforce development center for teens.

Explora will engrave your name and first job on your Career Pathway Tile, which will join others to pave the way for our teens as they enter X Studio and build skills for the 21st century workforce. Your generosity will be permanently recognized on our X Studio Career Pathway and will have a lasting impact on our community. Thank you for making this vision a reality!

A big thank you to Air Force Research Laboratory New Mexico for sponsoring this year’s New Mexico Science Fiesta! AFRL NM and it’s technology outreach arm NM Tech Engagement is a long-time partner and presenter and we are thrilled they are back this year to provide virtual STEM engagement with Explora. A leader in STEM in New Mexico, AFRL NM is committed to building the next generation of scientists and engineers through innovative programming and support for like-missioned partners like Explora. #NMScienceFiesta #HowWeExplora #STEM #STEAM #ExploraNM ...

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Explora has been honored to partner with the Village of Los Ranchos to offer Farm Camps at the Agri-Nature Center. Throwing back to summer 2019 and making models of how acequias work in this picture. Check out Explora's website or dm us for more info on in-person and virtual program offerings this fall. #TBT #HowWeExplora #MuseumsFromHome #ExploraNM ...

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Explora's @ Home kit, Colorful Kaleidoscope, is back in stock! Discover how shapes and colors are transformed with light and mirrors! Kits encourage STEAM exploration, include easy-to-read instructions, and essential supplies needed, all from the comfort of your own home! Follow the store link in our bio to get yours now! ...

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Explora is excited to announce that the fifth annual New Mexico Science Fiesta is going VIRTUAL! Join us September 18-26 and participate with STEAM professionals from all across New Mexico as they bring activities, tours, demonstrations, and more straight to your computer screen. For more information, check out the link in our bio! ...

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