Stacey LongCreative Designer

    12 months of math

    Career Spotlight

    Stacey Long
    Creative Designer

    sandia national laboratories

    What is your job and for whom do you work?

    I am a creative designer at Sandia National Laboratories, which means I help scientists communicate their work by designing posters, brochures, reports, and presentations. I like my job because I get to work with people from all over Sandia, learn about their work, and then help them share it with other people.

    What math skills are most helpful to you in your work?

    I use geometry and proportions every day to come up with interesting new designs in different sizes that attract people’s attention.

    What has helped you be successful in math?

    In school, I knew I wanted to use my creativity to help people, but I knew I’d need math skills too. All the math classes I took—even though they were hard—helped me learn to think logically and taught me many skills that inform my design work.

    What advice do you have for parents about math?

    Drawing pictures really helped me in my math classes because I’m a visual learner, so picturing the math helped me remember it. I didn’t always like math in school, but I’m glad I stuck with it because I use it every day!

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