Ron Eppes, IntelCommunity Engagement Manager, Intel NM

    12 months of math

    Career Spotlight

    Ron Eppes, Intel NM
    Community Engagement Manager

    What is your job and for whom do you work?

    I am the Community Engagement Manager in New Mexico for Intel Corporation.

    What math skills are most helpful to you in your work?

    Logic – especially comparisons involving equalities and inequalities. When I look at situations, it is important that I understand the different variable in the situation and am able to determine which of those are equal and which are not equal. Just knowing that if A = B and B = C means that A = C is often helpful in making decisions.

    What has helped you be successful in math?

    I enjoy solving problems. When presented with a problem I want to find the answer and stay determined to do that.

    What advice do you have for parents about math?

    Being successful in math is not about being smart, it is about effort. The students who do the best are the students who work the hardest. It is like almost everything else, when you work hard at it for a length of time, it seems to become easier to do.

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