Nedra BonalGeophysicist

    12 months of math

    Career Spotlight

    Nedra Bonal

    sandia national laboratories

    What is your job and for whom do you work?

    I am a geophysicist at Sandia National Laboratories who plans experiments using maps and information about an area’s geology (rock formations). People need to know what is underground so they can build buildings, run plumbing and utility lines, and find oil, gas, and other resources. My job takes me all over the world; I’ve even done experiments in Antarctica!

    What math skills are most helpful to you in your work?

    I use math in my experiments to predict wave speeds, amounts of energy, and directions to make sure my experiments run smoothly and the data is accurate.

    What has helped you be successful in math?

    It took me a long time to learn all of the math I needed and to get good at it, but practice helped.

    What advice do you have for parents about math?

    Everything can be hard when you are first learning, but if you ask for help when you need it and keep practicing, it will get easier!

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