Kenneth ArmijoSolar Energy Engineer

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    Career Spotlight

    Kenneth Armijo
    Solar Energy Engineer

    sandia national laboratories

    What is your job and for whom do you work?

    I work at Sandia National Laboratories as a solar energy engineer. My team and I work to invent new technologies to provide electricity to more people, for less money, and in a clean way that doesn’t harm the environment.

    What math skills are most helpful to you in your work?

    Every project starts with the engineering design process, where we plan out what we need to build. I need math to help me measure components and calculate the amount of materials I need. Math also allows us to calculate how efficient our technologies are at turning the sun’s energy into electricity.

    What has helped you be successful in math?

    The math I learned in school provided me with a foundation that helped me better understand science and engineering. Now I get to travel the world and make people’s lives better through solar technologies.

    What advice do you have for parents about math?

    Sometimes even simple math problems can turn into extraordinary technologies and lead to incredible adventures for whoever dares to solve them!

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