1. Explora is not open to the public, per the Governor’s public health order. 
  2. Phase One re-opening of Explora began with the return of Explora Summer Camps. Virtual camps began May 26, and in-person summer camps began on June 15. Both run through August 7. To register please visit: https://test.explora.us/en/educational-programs/camps/
  3. There is no date for Phase Two: re-opening for general admission, per the Governor’s public health order. Visit our social media channels for updates and continued STEAM programming: FacebookInstagram, & Twitter

Thank you!

  1. Explora no está abierto al público, según la orden de salud pública de la Gobernadora.
  2. La reapertura de la Fase Uno de Explora comenzó con el regreso de los Campamentos de Verano Explora. Los campamentos virtuales comenzaron el 26 de Mayo, y los campamentos de verano en persona comenzaron el 15 de Junio. Ambos se extenderán hasta el 7 de Agosto. Para registrarse, visite: https://test.explora.us/en/educational-programs/camps/
  3. En este momento, no hay fecha para la Fase Dos: reapertura para admisión general, según la orden de salud pública de la Gobernadora. Visite nuestros canales de redes sociales para actualizaciones y programación continua de STEAM: Facebook, Instagram y Twitter.

Muchisimas gracias. 

Explora’s Guide to Educational Programs

Explora offers educational programs for students and educators.

Select from over 200 engaging programs for Pre-K through Adults, including professional development workshops.

Our innovative learning experiences support your educational objectives. Our on-site and outreach programs immerse students in thought-provoking, phenomenon-based science, technology, engineering, math (STEM) and art experiences. In each program there is the opportunity to apply science and engineering practices and make practical connections to crosscutting concepts. We are committed to supporting education throughout New Mexico, and we hope you will include Explora as part of your educational program this year.

Programas en español Explora puede proveer sus exploraciones de exhibiciones, sus exploraciones de aula, y sus programas de extensión en español. Llama al 505-224-8323, de lunes a viernes, 9am–5pm.

Guide to Educational Programs by Grade Level

Classroom Explorations (all ages) are available at Explora and also at your site. These are one-hour experiential programs facilitated by Explora educators. Each program involves every student in active participation and learning through the exploration of physical materials. Each exploration’s materials are designed to provide opportunities for discovery around a specific science phenomena/content area. View all programs available by grade level in the slideshows below.

Field Trips

Field Trips to Explora (all ages) are one-hour or two-hour exhibit explorations facilitated by Explora educators. Investigate gravity, water, light, air, numbers, sound, electricity, and more. You can also book a Classroom Exploration as an add-on to your field trip.

Family/Community Science

Family/Community Science (all ages) is a mini-Explora set up at your site! Experienced Explora educators will come to your site to facilitate exciting tabletop activities and experiments designed to engage a range of students or even entire families!

Professional Development

Professional Development Programs and Workshops. Explora’s two-hour workshops immerse participants in thought-provoking, science-rich experiences that equip educators with resources and ideas. Embrace an inquiry approach to learning, involve participants in fun, active exploration of physical materials, and foster critical thinking, cooperative learning, creativity, communication, and innovation.

Explora Classroom Explorations and the Common Core State Standards

In Explora Classroom Explorations, participants will be called upon to generate and test claims, gather and evaluate evidence in support of those claims, and present those claims and evidence relationships to others. These practices are at the heart of science and are advocated for in the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) and New Mexico’s STEM Ready! science standards. Many Explora programs also engage students with the Standards for Mathematical Practice as outlined in the CCSS. These practices include sense making and perseverance, quantitative and abstract reasoning, constructing and critiquing arguments, modeling, using tools, attending to precision, and finding and using structure.


Register for School’s Out! and Winter Camps.

Semester Classes

Find a semester-long family program.

Home School

Home School Classes for K to grade 8.

Field Trips

Plan your group field trip to Explora.

Professional Development

Educator Workshops

Educational Programs Information

Making a Reservation

Contact Reservations at 505-224-8341 or reservations@explora.us to request a reservation. Let us know at this time about any special needs. Reservations are held once the completed form is received. Please read forms carefully, sign, and return the reservation/invoice form.


One adult chaperone is required for every 6 students. Adult chaperones who are Explora members are welcome to use their memberships for their own field trip admissions. Payment for participating students and nonmember adults is required and defrays program expenses.

Paying for a Program

Payment must be made on or before the day of your visit by credit card, check, cash, or purchase order. Advance payment may be made by calling 505-224-8341 or by mailing a check or purchase order to:

Explora, Attn: Reservations Coordinator
1701 Mountain Rd. NW
Albuquerque, NM 87104

Rescheduling or Canceling a Program

Because Explora reserves space and an educator for your group, these policies apply:

Rescheduling: More than 5 business days before visit – no fee. 5 business days or fewer before visit –
15% booking fee.

Canceling: More than 5 business days before visit – 15% booking fee. 5 business days or fewer
before visit – 50% late cancellation fee.

No-shows: The full amount will be charged.

Reservations are required for group visits of 12 or more people.

More information

reservations@explora.us Tel. 505-224-8341
The reservations office is open Monday–Friday 9am–5pm.

Para información en español, llame al 505-224-8323, de lunes a viernes, 9am–5pm.
Fee Schedule for Field Trips to Explora
– Reservations are required for group visits of 12 or more people.
– One adult chaperone is required for every 6 students.
– Explora family memberships do not apply to classroom programs.

Adult chaperones are welcome to use their memberships for their own field trip admissions.
Payment for participating students and non-member adults is required and defrays program expenses.

Classroom & Exhibit Exploration Package (2 hours)*

per student ….. $9.00
per chaperone ….. $4.00

*add an additional hour on the exhibit floor for $4.00 per student or chaperone.

Exhibit Exploration (2 hours)

per student or chaperone ….. $6.00

Classroom Exploration (1 hour)

per student ….. $5.00

Exhibit Exploration (1 hour)

per student or chaperone ….. $4.00

Contact Reservations at 505-224-8341 or
email reservations@explora.us to request a reservation.

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Explora is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, and all purchases at our store are always tax-free.
Proceeds from your purchases at Ideas, the store at Explora, help fund our programs and exhibits.

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