Origami Frog and Flea

Use the ancient art of paper folding to create a frog and flea.
You can also test your engineering and design skills to see if you can think of ways to help your creatures “leap” or move higher or farther.

You will need:
  • For each creature, you’ll need one piece of paper cut to 4″ x 8″ (You can use any plain or color office paper, or origami paper.)
  • Optional – scissors, drinking straws, tape, markers or crayons or othr items to decorate the creatures.
  • Start by cutting up enough pieces of paper to 4″x8″ so you have a few to experiment with.
    The frog includes more photos of the very first few folds, so you might want to fold your frog first. See diagrams for folding instructions.

Now try this

  1. Once you have your origami creatures done, try getting them to move forward, or jump up.
  2. What happens if you tap the back end?
  3. What happens if you hold the back edge down, then let the paper slide out from under your finger to release it?
  4. What happens if you try blowing at their back ends through a drinking straw?
  5. Could you hold a race? How you would measure what a “win” is (farthest, highest)?
  6. Could you re-design them to leap farther, or to always land upside down or always upright?
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