Science Workshops for Teachers and Informal Educators

Get fresh ideas for teaching strategies and activities! Explora’s two-hour workshops immerse participants in thought-provoking science-rich experiences that equip educators with resources and ideas. These workshops embrace an inquiry approach to learning, involve participants in fun, active exploration of physical materials, and foster 21st Century Skills: critical thinking, cooperative learning, creativity, communication, and innovation. Workshops can also be customized to meet your staff’s needs.

Making & Tinkering as a Way of Knowing

Friday, March 29 from 1-4 pm

An engaging workshop, great for educators and staff at libraries, schools, and out-of-school time programs. Gain skills and experience in integrating engineering with art and design through the practice of making in this free workshop.

Funding for this free workshop at Explora is provided by AstraZeneca.

Reservations Office: 505-224-8341
Para información en español, llame al 505-224-8323.

Makey Makey® Workshop!

Learn to use and program your own Makey Makey® device in this fun and engaging 5-hour workshop for K-12 educators and after-school professionals who teach STEM subjects! Even beginners can quickly gain confidence to animate all kinds of objects and do amazing projects with this device that integrates everyday items with coding and circuit building. For details, call 505-224-8341, or view our webpage.

Book a workshop for up to 25 participants and a date and time of your choosing! Choose from two workshop pricing options:

  • $400 – includes 5 Makey Makey® devices for your school (retail value $249.75)
  • $600 – includes 10 Makey Makey® devices for your school (retail value$499.50)

makeyParticipants will need to bring their own laptops (must have USB port), their charging cable, and their own sack lunch.


Reservations Office: 505-224-8341
Para información en español, llame al 505-224-8323.

Learn more about Makey Makey® –

Available Educator Workshops

Making and Tinkering as a Way of Knowing

This brand new workshop will guide participants in design/build strategies that can be used in maker spaces and STEM labs. Educators will gain skills and experience in integrating engineering with art and design through the practice of making.

*Ask about customizing this workshop to align with your maker-space.

Curiosity Sparks Learning

Experience firsthand the motivation and curiosity generated by discrepant events–events that challenge our everyday assumptions and create doubt that leads to curiosity and investigation.

Discovery-based Learning

What is inquiry, really? Spark your students’ desire to know and understand by creating problem-solving situations in which students interact with, explore, and manipulate their environment. We’ll discuss and practice the roles of questions, suggestions, and inference in inquiry, and we’ll model how teachers can integrate inquiry into existing curriculum.

Ice Ball Inquiry

Pursuing our own curiosity is at the heart of learning and being human, and being able to skillfully facilitate students’ scientific investigation is vital to developing 21st Century Skills. Through the use of suggestion, tools, and questions, participants will experience the power of the inquiry process.

Science Fairs and Beyond: Strategies for Successful Projects

The key to a successful science fair project is combining the correct use of scientific practice with an innovative idea. This workshop provides you with the skills and tools to help your students ask great questions, make predictions, and design and execute the type of projects that judges are looking for: those that showcase a student’s ability to independently conduct and communicate original and meaningful science or engineering research.

Additional Topics and Custom Workshops

Workshops focused on exploring specific content areas using an inquiry-based approach are available. Contact us for details.


  • Groups (up to 20 people) at Explora or your site: $320

Register online or Call the Reservations office: 505-224-8341

Para información en español, llame al 505-224-8323

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